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 5     Dennis 09/01/2016
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Hi Dennis, Thank you to our loyal customer! We sincerely appreciate your review and business again. Laura

 5     Lisa 08/18/2016
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Hi Lisa, Thank you for your Five Stars! We appreciate your business. Laura

 5     Nickson 07/31/2016
I have been having problems with my breaks on my 2011 Grand Caravan since day one. In less than a year, my breaks started to make grinding noise, engine light lit up, and it dies out. I turn to my dealership or stealership to fix the problems but always temporary fix and I had to buy a new car battery. It as gone as far as my dealership recommending me to turn in my car to the Distributor of Dodge brands since they have the proper tools to diagnose and fix the problems. What a dead end. I was losing hope to put up with my van. I really love the van but with the existing problems I planned to trade it in. Then I found Auto Car care Center while surfing through google. I called in and spoke with Roy who assisted me in setting up an appointment. I turn in the van and Roy and his team was able to fix the problem in a day. I return to pick up my van but short in finance.Roy release my van anyways since I was eligible for his payment options. It really helped me out and I felt like being part of his family. I will definitely be a loyal customer. Been driving my car for some days now still no problems. Thanks a million Roy.
Shop Comment
Hi Nickson, Thank you for a long, awesome review! We also appreciate your business. Roy, my husband is the best. I know because I was a customer of his long time ago. Laura

 5     Jason 04/28/2016
Very good and great service for my automotive problem. Was glad to call around first and check prices. Promised repair in two days, got it back same day. Will be scheduling my other cars for service later.
Shop Comment
Hi Jason, We like to under promise and over deliver. We are so glad that you came to our shop. Thanks for the wonderful review and your business. Laura

 5     Brett 03/10/2016
Outstanding service! Roy and his crew are always professional.
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Hi Brett, Thank you for your great review and your business. Roy and our technicians try their best every single day. Laura

 5     Dennis 02/25/2016
Very accommodating people and excellent service!
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Hi Dennis, Thank you for your kind words and we sincerely appreciate your business. Laura

 5     McMillion 02/19/2016
My experience has always been great, it's the reason I keep coming back. Mahalo to Roy and the crew...
Shop Comment
Hi McMillion, I only started helping my husband managing his business since 5/28/2015. I go to our shop on Saturdays and mostly work from home. I have heard so much compliments about my husband and our crew. Thank you loyal customer! We truly appreciate your business. Laura

 5     David 01/28/2016
Quickly diagnosed and solved the problem. Discovered another problem that I had created when trying to fix it myself. Fixed that problem as well. Truck is as good as new.
Shop Comment
Hi David, I only started helping my husband, Roy last year. And I'm amazed how fast our crew identify and solve the problem 90% of the time. Thank you for your fantastic review and your business. Lauar

 5     Wendi 11/09/2015
Extremely professional and friendly. Our expectations were set, managed and met! We were sent to Automotive Car Care Center by AAA. We will definitely be back!
Shop Comment
Hi Wendi, We are AAA certified and RepairPal certified. On top of that we are also BBB Hawaii Accredited A+. Thank you for your marvelous review and your business. Laura

 5     Russell 09/02/2015
Outstanding professional work. Very courteous and knowledgeable. Would take my car there again.
Shop Comment
Hi Russell, Thank you for you wonderful review! Together and combined knowledge in our shop is unbelievable. Thanks for your business. Laura

 5     Tonia 08/07/2015
I literally broke down in front of AC Delco. After recharging my battery for me they offered a diagnosis of the problem and an estimate of how much it would cost to repair it. I authorized the repair and in spite of the busyness of the shop, they were able to get my repair completed more quickly than what they had estimated. Even though car repairs are never fun, I consider myself lucky to have broken down on their doorstep.
Shop Comment
Hi Tonia, We started co-branding with NAPA at the beginning 2016. However, still the same owner. At our shop we constantly under promise and over deliver. Thanks for your great review and your business. Laura

 5     Renee 08/06/2015
Shop Comment
Hi Renee, Thank you for your Five-Stars! and your business. Laura

 5     Andy 02/24/2015
Yes, you have very friendly people. But it is your friendly staff that admitted, quote: "we may have missed something." that cost me over $2500.00 and a crack in a brand new radiator in less than a week. Now I have to find another car. Very friendly but you don't even stand by your work. You just tell me 'That there might be something bigger we didn't see that may be more expensive that it might be better to buy a new car." Another quote from you guys. Sure, you have a friendly staff and a nice looking shop but even your rivals can be friendly too. At first I really thought this shop may have been in cahoots with Jiffy Lube but Jiffy Lube guys did not know diddly squat and blamed me that I was in an accident that caused the problem. Geico proved them wrong. This is the friendliest worst service I ever had!
Shop Comment
Hi Andy, Better late than never. Thank you for your feedback. Car repair can be very complicated sometimes, especially on older cars or high mileage one or that have any crack. Laura

 5     Milton 02/20/2015
Five stars very friendly. Good. Service
Shop Comment
Hi Milton, Many thanks for your Five Stars Review! Thank you for your business. Laura

 5     Melinda 10/27/2014
Thank you for your excellent service. I will definitely be back for the next service....
Shop Comment
Hi Melinda, It's always great to hear from happy customers. Thank you for your positive review and your business. Lauar

 5     Honey 10/07/2014
once again Roy and his mechanics have saved our Nissan. His staff is top notched and very helpful. the first time the alternator went out he allowed my brother to take it out in his parking go back to Waipahu exchange it return and install it so his mechanics could do the maintenance. OUTSTANDING SERVICE AND FRIENDLY SERVICE!
Shop Comment
Hi Honey, I only started helping my husband, Roy managing his PR and advertising programs from 5/28/2015. My husband is the most generous personal that I have ever met! Thank you for your great review and your business. Laura

 5     Brett 09/04/2014
Outstanding service. Once again Roy provides top service.
Shop Comment
Hi Brett, Thanks again for your outstanding review and your business. Laura

 5     Joshua 04/24/2014
I recently had to have my clutch replaced on the same day I had to pick up my mother from a stay in the hospital. In three hours time, I drove out with a new clutch and was able to check out my mom and take her home. Thank you to the folks at Automotive Car Care Center.
Shop Comment
Hi Joshua, It was great meeting you and your mother a while back. Thank you for your kind review and your business. Laura

 1     Max 01/01/2015
I took my vehicle 4 times to fix my oil leak and it cost $500.00 plus each to get it fix. My vehicle engine is still leaking oil. When I turn off the engine I can smell the burn smoke from the engine. What a rip off!
Shop Comment
Hi Max, I only started helping my husband since 5/28/2015. Better late than never and I don't know the full story about your situation. But thank you for your feedback. Please forgive us. Laura

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